Freaker Drink Koozie – Made in Wilmington USA funded by Shark Tank


I'd hit that.


  • One Size Fits All! Coffee cup? Yep. Water bottle? Yep. 1 litre sport drinker? Yep. MOST PERFECT GIFT EVER? Yep.
  • Insulates!! (I know, I know, big words. Here: It keeps all your drinks cold & hot!)
  • Machine Washable! Throw that sucker in with a regular load of laundry for a pick-me-up.

Pinata Freaker Koozie

    • The Freaker is a one-size-fits-all beverage insulator! Freakers keep your drinks hot or cold, and your hands dry, and they'll fit anything you want to drink out of. Simply put, they're a hot and cold Insulator that stops unseemly bottle sweat and subsequent moist handshakes.
    • It's also a Bottle Protector, Travel Accessory, Fashion Statement, Conversation Starter, Cool Gift, Unisex Drink Holder, and Coaster-Relief.
    • Vegan friendly - Made from Nylon




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