The H-D *Genuine* Wild at Heart Magnet gift set


Perfect gift for any Harley lover.  The metal door of a refrigerator is an ideal magnetic pinboard. After all, almost every home has such a refrigerator and everyone has to pin a note, a memo, a postcard, a diary, a photo, a note or a newspaper clipping or the like somewhere. And everyone goes into the kitchen and looks at it. What is often missing are attractive magnets that last and look decorative.

The 9-piece magnet set with high-quality shiny surface and various retro motifs is available including a practical gift box (70 x 93 x 20 mm). Full-surface power magnets on the back ensure that even several slips of paper remain firmly in place. Also suitable for a magnetic board in the office, clubhouse or on the metal shelf in the workshop.


RRP £14

Harley Davidson Garage Magnet Set





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